Technology commercialization

Technology commercialization Technology commercialization

Once all problems have been resolved the individual solutions will be merged together towards creating a finished product. Manufacturing methods and stakeholders are identified and a beta prototype is created to demonstrate the full functionality, quality, aesthetics and cost. Sometimes, when the cost of prototyping is excessive, a 3D virtual model will be generated instead. In the meantime the resulting innovations are being protected through a series of utility patent applications, design patent applications, copyrights and most importantly with unbreakable trade secrets whenever possible!

Market Research

Throughout the whole product development process we seek and get the feedback from potential users through panel surveys, paper questionnaires, interviews, online surveys, etc. We use different tools such as Conjoint Analysis, statistical analysis, voice of the customer, price sensitivity meter (Van Westendorp) etc., to identify the value of the product's attributes to the end users and optimize the launch price.

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